You Are Responsible For Your Dreams

Here is a bold Statement for you. 

There is no wrong dream. There is often so much fear surrounding our dreams. Fear that we will choose the wrong one or the one that will make little or no money. Fear that our dream will not be acceptable to our family or friends. Here is the thing about a Dream. It belongs only to you. The dream you choose to follow and nurture and grow into a real piece of your soul is yours.

Your dream is pure and beautiful, belongs only to you and it has the capacity to bloom and become just as big as you are. Sit with that thought for a moment, will you? Are we as big as our dreams or are our dreams as big as we are? If we have the capacity to grow with our dreams wouldn’t that be our ideal creative quest? To grow and nurture each other so that instead of always feeling like our creative dream is just SO BIG and unattainable we can instead view ourselves as the propelling force behind our dreams, the magnificent strength that will lift our dreams and make them reality. Instead of viewing our dream as separate from us, we can become partners and allies. We can believe that we are one. That thought and belief behind the true magic of our dreams and their potential to become everything we have always envisioned takes away that fear that we may be choosing the wrong dream or a too-big Dream. When we begin a partnership with our dream we begin tearing down those limiting beliefs that make our dream bigger than us. We become just as big as our dreams. 

What would you do if you had no fear? What kinds of dreams would you choose if you weren’t afraid of them? Here’s a daring idea for you. 

What if Your dreams were your responsibility?

What if we were here for one purpose and that purpose was to follow our wildest dreams? Seems kind of wacked out doesn’t it? I mean, come on. Aren’t we here to live for other people and make sure they are all ok? Our kids, our parents, our spouses? Isn’t that our greatest purpose in life? To be a mom or a daughter or a wife? Let me give you my short answer. Ummm hell no.

You’re here to be a dreamer. You are here to experience all of the joy that this world has to offer and to digest it with all your heart and kick it around in your soul and spew it back out as magic. All of the other fun stuff is great and wonderful and contributes to our happiness, yes. But your magic, your sparkle and your light come from deeper than your roles. They are your dream and your dreamer and you have a responsibility to help them live fully and freely. Doesn’t that make the thought of living your wildest most incredible dream life that much easier? Instead of feeling like it is a luxury to choose your dream you can accept that it is the only option and your actual duty to your soul.

So how do we do this you are asking. Ya, I figured you would want a step by step. Let me give you a few of my favourite tips and tricks for beginning to enable your creative dreamer. 

  1. Stop nourishing everyone but yourself.

When was the last time you let yourself imagine what it might look like if you followed your dreams? What do you do for yourself on a daily basis that releases the dreamer in you? Yes, a daily basis. You breathe every day, you drink fluids every day and you sleep and pee every day. Those are your life giving necessities but what if I told you that nourishing your soul every single day is also a life giving necessity? What could you do daily to nourish yourself even in a small way? A bath that allows you to lay back and meditate for five minutes. A longer shower with the water spraying your back and the sweet rosemary mint conditioner sitting on your hair for a few minutes. Ten minutes petting your dog without thinking about the chores and work you need to complete. Do we give these small nourishing gifts to ourselves every day? Can we change the way we nourish everyone else in our life before we care for ourselves? I want you to try this for one week. Make a list of the ways in which you could treat yourself daily in a small but meaningful manner and feel pride as you follow through. Sometimes caring for a living thing is just a habit. We feed our goldfish and water our plants out of habit, so why not get into the happiness habit and treat yourself just as well as you treat your pet fish Robert and your glass dish of succulents.

2.  Practice coming from a place of CHOICE.

We like to complain. It’s human nature. We complain hundreds of times a month. “I’m exhausted,I don’t like my body,  I hate working, my back hurts, I don’t like my boss, nobody likes me”

We also really love to make excuses. Excuses for why we accept having a boss we dislike and excuses for why we continue having relationships with people we think do not like us. Excuses for why we still aren’t living the life we really yearn to live. So, here are a couple of  questions for you. 

What would be the first thought or belief that you would need to change in order to change your life for the better? If you no longer held those negative beliefs or feelings within your heart, how would your life be different?

Now, choose a belief and thought structure that serves you better. We all know what those are for us. We know which thoughts harm our soul and make us feel less than the magical unicorn sparkle makers that we truly are. Choose to believe in yourself. Choose to believe the best about yourself. Choose to shine. It is your responsibility to yourself to shine.

3. Become a light.

So now you have become an expert at nourishing your heart and your soul and your body. You are choosing to shine bright. Now you are ready to Illuminate the world a little bit. Ever heard the saying Your vibe attracts your tribe? I believe that when we become Illuminators we light the way for other Illuminators to find us. We get what we give - and when we give ourselves the hall pass to become immersed in a new way of thinking about our dreams we get more than just our creative dreamer’s company. 

We will suddenly find ourselves bathed in the warmth of other Illuminators’ beautiful light. 

So there you go. This is your chance. Let your dream awaken and let it climb out and feel the sun resting upon its shoulders. Let your dream dance free and show you just how beautiful a dreamers life can be.

Your friend;


Photo Credit: Laura Olson Photography for The Kindle Workshop

Laura Olson Photography for The Kindle Workshop
Trista Smith