Let Go.

What would you do if you weren't scared? Would you quit your day job so you could go all in with the business you are passionate about? If you weren't scared would you book that trip to Italy and go traveling even though you’d be going alone? If you weren’t scared would you say goodbye to the relationships that haven’t been serving you for years and choose to focus on ones that will? If you weren't scared would you create with your entire heart and soul and choose not to worry about what others will think of it?

What would you do if your fear wasn’t even an option? Pretend for a moment that it doesn’t exist. Pretend for a moment that everything you do in life is based on getting where you want to go and enjoying the utter pleasure the ride brings. People will tell you that fear is healthy. They will say a healthy dose of fear keeps us in line and prevents us from making grave mistakes in life. Well, I call bullshit on those people. Being afraid is our excuse for not living the life we truly yearn to live. Being afraid is our fall back when life feels hard and we don’t know which way to go. Fear keeps us from moving forward and from nourishing our dreams. It holds us back when we truly want to run fast and wild towards our destiny.

I’d like to ask you why all the excuses? The excuses you make to yourself. The excuses you make to others. The excuses you make to the Universe. And I would like to encourage you to stop with all those excuses and begin to immerse yourself in a new way of being. A new thought process that begins with an end to the excuses made out of fear and worry.

It all starts with a question.

“What would be the very first thought or belief that I would need to change in order to change my life for the better? And If I no longer held this negative belief, how would my life be different?”

What are the limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck? If we dared to open up to each other about our fears and true feelings, we would come to realize that we share many of the same worries and negative thought patterns. Instead, we seem to float in this perpetual pretend-place where everything looks so perfect from the outside… in Facebook land and Instagram world. But inside, many women are struggling immensely with self doubt, fear of not measuring up, loneliness and feeling as though they must be the perfect everything to everyone. These beliefs are like a hurricane swirling around frenetically on the inside while we smile and bake another dozen cookies for our kids class and post just one more perfect selfie. Then, when we don’t get 100 likes on our selfie or the picture of our delicious shortbread, we crash down into the vortex of self doubt about our worth in the world. We are left feeling “not good enough”. We are left feeling “sad. lonely. disconnected”. We go on Facebook vacations to try to get away from these feelings of inadequacy but those aren’t the fault of social media. That stuff is just all the bullshit we make up in our heads and taking a break from Facebook won’t fix it. We compare ourselves to others and then feel the sharp bite from our belief that we aren’t as good, talented, pretty, popular, successful, motherly as the rest - AND then we blame social media for making us feel this way. We blame the Universe for giving us the short straw while Maxine and Matilda down the road got all the intellect, riches, beauty and the more caring attentive husband.

What would happen if we let go?

What is the worst thing that could happen if we just choose to let go of all of that? The power of the opinions of people we barely know and the ones we know well. The recognition we seek from others and even from ourselves? What if we just let it go like a balloon filled with helium. Sit back and visualize that for just a moment. The helium machine is a container for all of your garbage . All of your self doubt and criticism and feelings of limited worth just pouring into that big balloon and filling it right up. All of the petty remarks you make to yourself 100 times a day about your appearance and skill and lack. All of the ways you hold yourself back from truly living the life you were meant to live all along. They just swish out in a huge rush of helium filling the biggest, most gigantic red balloon you ever did see. Tie the balloon so tight. Place your hands on it and feel the negative energy pulsing in there. All of your limiting beliefs just banging around inside the huge red balloon. All of the junk you tell yourself about why you can’t succeed or don’t deserve to. And then you are walking with it. Holding onto it so tightly by a rainbow coloured ribbon and watching it bob around above you. You’re standing on a beautiful grassy hill with the sunset of all sunsets behind you and a sky that looks like infinity it is so blue and clear.

And then you just let it go.

And as you let go of the rainbow ribbon tied tight to that gigantic red helium balloon filled with all of the resentment, false beliefs and negative feelings holding you back you are filled with such relief and peace. Because all you had to do was let go. All you had to do was release it and breathe it out so that there could be room for new beliefs and thought patterns to grow and live inside you. And as you stand on that grassy hill in that beautiful meadow with the sunset warming your shoulders and the gentle breeze kissing your cheeks, you know the answer to that question.

What would you do if you weren’t scared?”



You can’t reach what’s in front of you until you let go of what’s behind you. - Author Unknown
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