I’m Trista. I’m the creator, designer and constructor of each and every Reclamation dress. My soul yearns to create and through my dresses I am able to bring my vision of beauty to life. I infuse each piece with all of the joy, love and intention that I have for you and your perfect dress. My process is very inclusive and I invite you to assist me in the creation and design of your one of a kind piece. I urge you to take aspects of my different designs and merge them so that they fit your vision and so that you may truly fall In love with your dream dress. Perhaps there is a design that you truly love already such as the There’s Only This Moment Dress or The Boho Dreamer. That’s perfectly ok and with enough notice I can recreate this as well. I love the fact that I own this show and I can be as flexible and accommodating as I please. I want you to be thrilled and excited and over the moon about your dress. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that’s the case. You can count on that.